Women Lead

How Gender and Generations Are Driving New Leadership

For future leadership, look to women. New research shows women outperform men on most executive competencies. And managers of both genders rate women higher than men on a wide range of leadership skills, including communication, collaboration, and problem solving. At the same time, Generations X and Y are moving past gender roles to define more adaptive leadership practices.

What will leadership look like in the multigenerational, technology-driven workplace? This multimedia presentation highlights findings from the new book Women Lead, which includes interviews with 200 women leaders and surveys of more than 3000 male and female managers across industries.

Participants will learn:

  1. How leadership styles differ by gender and generation - giving some groups the edge
  2. How younger workers are driving new leadership
  3. Why gender matters less and career planning matters more
  4. Which skills and attributes will help future leaders stay competitive
  5. What steps women (and men) can take to become more innovative leaders

Women, Work, and Life

Tips for Building You Inc.

The work world is changing rapidly: Age 100 is the new normal, work spans are increasing along with lifespans, and different skills are required to stay competitive and employable. It's projected that over 70% of jobs will have a technology component by 2020, and co-workers may now live anywhere across the globe.

How can women seize these current opportunities to drive their career - and life - potential? What skills should they focus on most in a multigenerational, deeply diverse, technology-driven workplace? Based on findings from the new book Women Lead, this presentation will offer 10 substantive tips for women looking to gain a competitive edge and make their work lives more satisfying.

Participants will learn:

  1. How to navigate workplaces among coworkers from multiple generations, cultures, and backgrounds
  2. Which technology skills will be most important to job success
  3. How to synthesize on-site collaborations with those of virtual team members
  4. What type of continuing education is critical for today's and tomorrow's jobs
  5. The vital skills necessary to succeed in the next 10 years
  6. How women can tap into the leadership qualities that will be in high demand in the 21-st century workplace
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